Friday, January 13, 2017

Let The Weekend Begin

It's Friday afternoon  - I am so ready for my friends' bright smiles and sweet laughter!    

The groceries are laid in - lots of fresh veggies, fruits, salad makings, and ground chicken for meatballs with marinara sauce.  Oh, I am wilting some spinach in a skillet with a bit of minced garlic - lightly toasting long bun halves with mozzarella cheese then adding the wilted spinach - yummo!

The art studio is clean- my cleaning ladies cleaned the sitting area in my art room yesterday and I managed to clean off 2 of my worktables.  My table still needs about an hour of purging/putting away.

Art to do - There are plenty of unfinished art projects stacked by my work station. 

Another couple of hours and the fun begins!

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